Monday, December 28


Hello puny world.


Okay anyway im about to go to sleep soon.
Just wanna update some stuff since it's been awhile since i blogged.

I know its late, but who cares.

I missed Steve Aoki, but its okay.

After that is Basement Jaxx next year.
God, two awesome shit right before my college starts. <3

Guess what im listening to now.
No you cant guess because you suck. ;]

It's the Theme song for the Power Rangers.
It's fucking awesome.

Also the Black Mages are quite good.
They do the soundtrack for all the FF series.
You guys should check them out.

Aaah, life. Life for 2009.
Just is so fucking awesome.
Like the year before.
And before.
*sense the sarcasm fuckers*

2010, closer to 2012. Lets see if it really comes true or not.
IF it really comes true. I swear to whoever i'll take any fast car.
And freaking race all over any road anywhere i go.
Just like the movie.
Then my life accomplishment is achieved :)

God i just remembered something.
College next year will be fucked up as usual -.-

Go listen to 12 Stones - World So Cold.
Then let me know if i should look towards 2010 or not. :)

Tuesday, December 8


*Not a force, but still i take it as one >:D*

Anyway, first thing i wanna point out.

One thing about blogging, its good to see haters.
It amazes me, seriously.
To see them, being lifeless. Giving hate to peoples blog.
I know how you feel, you hate me, because im being awesome.
But still, you can't be me.
You know why ?
You don't have the one important life rule.
Being awesome :)
You are a lifeless, sad little worm. Commenting on people's blog.
Just because you can't be like them.
I won't ask you to get a life, like how other people point out to their haters.
But instead, i want you to come back, everyday.
Posting more hate in my chatbox <3
Okay? Love youuuuu <3

Putting that aside.
" Sushi " ask me to blog yesterday, or was it the day before.
I was tired, so yeah. sorry D:
So here, im blogging :P

" Sushi " is someone i met quite awhile ago. LOVES PHOTOGRAPHY.
Yes, she loves it. SOOOOOOO One day, ill take A really nice photo.
And post it up here :D OKAY?!

Today, was .. the usual. Seriously, nothing interesting happened. ROFL.
Well, a few days ago, bumped to someone i didn't expected nor would i wanna see.
But who cares. HAHA.
The past = past. so yeah, no point crying over spilt milk.

Oh, Rylana, your name. Is forever stuck in my head.
I can't and nor will i forget about it <3

Ryden. Damn nice name. I should use it one day.

Oh and thanks to Corey, for giving me like, damn alot of songs.
Enjoying it now :D

Today's post will be short. Because i want it to be. sooo
SUCK IT !! <3333

Saturday, December 5

I'm back, or so i think i am.

I'm back. Blogging again i guess.

Sometimes i wonder, if i should just blog, or not.
I'm so god damn lazy ):

Anyway, there's nothing much that happened since i left.
Except the fact that, my hair is longer :D

I'm going to keep my blog layout. It's still awesome.
Fuck u all who say it sucks D:
I shall devour you with my awesome-ness.

Oh god I'm addicted to facebook games again.
Castle Age, Mafia Wars. ROFL.
Free much.

Gonna continue my studies in January, lets just hope i don't get
lazy anymore. ):

I just found out my friends awesome second name.
It's Rylana.
That name, is so perfect, and awesome in many ways.

Like seriously.

I'm going to name my future daughter that.
If it's a son, then Ryden :D


God it's 5:40am. Gotta try and get some rest -.-
Insomniac much?

Tuesday, March 24

Never been a straight forward person


Updated after so long.


Well ... I won't be updating like . everyday.

So don't be so .. keen to reading.
Though i doubt anyone does.

Anyway as some people know. I started WoW
Bought over a friend's friend Mage.

Level 80.

Almost geared.
But now is geared cause i helped that char to get :D

Putting games aside.

I started listening to Techno song's back.

Stuff like Darren Styles, Hixxy, Dj Sy and stuff like that.

Don't know why but i miss it so badly ):

It's going to be my birthday soon. D:

Planning what to do.
So we'll see how my 20th birthday goes :D

Well, might update soon. Hope so anyway :D

Sunday, February 22

A new Dream

I've been having the same weirdest dream every single night.

That ive been going around killing people.

Random people, and even people i know.

This all started in my first dream i had few weeks ago.

I came home into my bu4 house, which my parents sold it off long time ago.
Finding bloodstains all over the wall, floor and ceiling.
When i walked upstairs.
I found my parents, and my sister dead.
And i just woke up.

After that dream, ive been dreaming that i have been going around
Killing every single people that i pass.

This dream kinda tells me that in my life, i never trusted anyone before.
Even my parents.

Im not a psychologist who can tell what dream is what.
But i can roughly tell.

Right now, i'm going to change all this.
I'm going to start my new life today.

But last night, the dream i had. Was the most weirdest one.
I dreamed that i killed myself by over-killing people.

Meh it's hard to write it down.
Maybe if i roughly figure it out ill write it here.

Anyway. I am going to let everything in the past go.
And live life as it is.
Enough talk, im putting this into action.


Sunday, January 25

useless post ..

I just wanna cry ..

Someone just save me .

Help me ...

Rescue me ..

Or ..

Kill me ...


Tuesday, January 6

New Year's Reso? Bah screw it.

Remember my New Year's Reso ?

Well fuck it to the core (:

God made Grass, What we did is just improvise on it (:

So, fuck that. It's not drugs.
Im going to take it till i get sick of it.


somehow i don't know what to say anymore.

Everything just went, destroyed.

Thanks life.

Fuck you..

Fuck you hard.

Fucking fuck...