Monday, December 22

Another year gone. Another year spent

Well, looks like its almost the end.
Going to reach 2009

I wonder what have i been doing this whole year.
Nothing much. Pretty much wasted another year.

There are a few things i wanna change by next year.
Ain't gonna post it up here. It's for me to know myself.

Lately there have been changes with the friends i knew.
Old friends starting to change.
New friends starting to change.
Ah well. Their life. Not mine.

Even though they decide to leave me out of their lives.
I'm cool with it. Cause i'm just a burden (:

2009. A year where i decide.
1) To live my life as it is
2) No regrets whatsoever
3) Stop screwing myself up
4) Try and stop on drugs
5) Start working on my stamina
6) Cut down on ciggies

6 Things to do. I'm not even sure if i can accomplish any of it.

Oh by the way. For those who ain't gonna go out on the 24th December.
Stay tuned to Around 10.00pm. A surprise (:

P:S This is for some of the people out there. If you think it isn't for you.
Then good for you.
If you think you are one of them.
Then decide for yourself.

If you see your best friend, crying. In desperate help.
You would help right?
If that certain person. Hiding emotions and feelings.
All alone, without telling anyone.
Would you help ?
Of course you said you would. That's because you already figure out.
If you think that you can help that person.
Don't try at all. Because nothing can help.
Already living in his own world.
Already casted aside.
No friends.
No family.
Just himself, sitting in one corner.
All by himself.

You don't have to guess who that person is.
Because its futile.
Nothing can change the fact that has been set.
Since 2007.

Okay. Done for the day.
By the way. I don't think i'll be celebrating christmas or new year's eve anywhere.
Might be staying at home only.


Good Day people.
And a early Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all


Thursday, December 18

aaaaaahhhhh * screams *

hmm.. to actually define how my life right now ...

try and imagine a jet airliner. flying through strong winds and thick clouds in the sky.
with nothing but his control panel. and no radar.

yeap that's pretty how much my life should be described.

apparently lots of shits happening. and passed.
gonna be christmas soon. and i can still remember everything that happened.
with you last year.

im just going to stay home for christmas and new years eve. yes im a emo boy. so what.

bah. screw the update. be right back and post when i have the mood

Monday, December 1

gonna update. cause i was asked to. so u can update :x

okok im updating :x

just got back from outings with friend. yes its 10:30am. ):

ah well.. gonna go sleep and rest now :x

my life is perfectly fine. i think

la da di da da :x


ok ok i updated !! <3

remember to use the align centre and arial font :x haha