Saturday, June 21

Radio ended ! More stress to come !

Hello people !! Finnaly an update ! woohoo !


So whats up people ! Missed me? ;P
Anyway we finished our radio broadcasting already ! woohooo !!
No more stress and what not. But there are still other assignments ): meh
Anyway here are the pics of the radio broadcasting day.

Won't blog much because i dunno what to write ):
Enjoy the pics~

*posing while changing music*

*Steady sial*

*wee !*

*no comments lol*

*our dj's Dj Bob and Dj Boy*

*all of us ! the rest downstairs promoting*

Well, thats all guys !!
ttyl blog <3

Wednesday, June 18


sorry for the lack of updates
ill update once i have the mood back.
kinda no mood to do anything ):
sorry !!

i'll be away for awhile, as in not blogging till i get back my mood, which should be soon D:
ah well, ttyl <3

Monday, June 16

Awesome Day , Awesome Me , Awesome Music

Hello peoplee !!
Didn't update yesterday so im sorry ):
Well yesterday i spent most of my life sleeping so yeah nothing to report there sir.

Okay today, went to curve with some friends, watched kung fu panda
*yes 2nd time*
there was this weird event going on infront of cinieleisure, funny though.
Live concerts by small kids, events by small kids. From some private school.
I dunno where they get all the cash to do this.

It's for some disease awareness, forgot the name but its something lower then down syndrome.
Ah well, it's like make you dumb and stupid, but not as serious as down syndrome.
Well the event i dunno what's that, but their live concert, SUCK !!
I appreciate their guts and such to put on a concert, but at least play better.
And yes i know you guys did your best, but it sounds like you ain't doing anything.
And there was this one band where you can't hear the bloody guitarist at all.
Both of them, and you can see them jumping around like some monkeys.
Ah well, kids this days.

Oh i bought my A4Tech X-700 keyboard already. Awesomeness !!
And i finnaly love a quote from kung fu panda ,
" There is no charge for awesomeness , and attractiveness "
Ah love that quote.

And im in love with some j-rock music already, someone help me ):

Well its late now, so i guess ill sleep. Ttyl blog <3

Saturday, June 14

Radio Room and Stuff :O

Hellooo peopleeee !!
Late update again. Don't blame me. Had no mood to update yesterday.
Anywayyy yesterday was kinda fun in college. Apparently.
First time ever though.
*yes college is boring*

Anyway went for the recording session for our radio assignment.
Did some recording and some stuff.
After everything is doneee

We decided to play around and take some pics ! ;D

Anyway after that, went to curve with wai wai , ate T.G.I.F :/
*if im not mistaken it's called Thank God It's Friday, i myself don't know D:*
Watched Kung Fu Pandaaa !!

It's kinda funny, wait not kinda. ALOT of fun. Haha
After that went for my rojak friendly at subang.
Lost 2 maps, won 2 map.
*thanks to someone keep calling*

Sigh this made me no mood at all. Cause it was an easy win at first. Sigh.

Well here are the pics. Have fun Seeing them.

lol at not ready pose

loh sin, khairul and me !

Stoner of the Week

Rocker ! Poser ! and uhm , big smile?

Everyone hates me ): *wai wai and Melissa*

Well that's all for now, ttyl blog <3

Friday, June 13

Hated ...

Well it's official, im hated .

Got nothing else to blog about.

Im depressed.

Get away.

Did some changes to my blog.

ttyl <\3

Wednesday, June 11

Yesterday's and Today's Post

Well i apologize for not posting up yesterday because it was a really hectic and busy day !
Well went to class as usual
*yes i did went to class*
After class, found out that my parents are going up to genting, so i asked sem if he wanted to come.
So fetched him and came over to the house.
Ate subwayyy ;D

After that, my parents already left, so me and sem went to blitz for awhile, met pp (Patrick)
and Aiman there.
Had dinner then went back to my place. This time pp followed.
We went to Kayu and eat dinnerr *yes again*
After that went to buy the DVD called " Superhero Movie "
It was funny, because it's all the heroes such as Fantastic Four and such all mashed into one comedic movie !

After the movie, we talked awhile, then decided to go for a bicycle ride, i found the rollerblades.
Decided to test em and i can't do it = =
So i gave em to sem and i just rode the bike.
Feel's kinda good after a long time didn't ride the bike.
After that we stayed in the house awhile, and played PS2
Wanted to go swimming but it was raining .__.

Well after that the rain stopped awhile !
So we went and swim for awhile. lol
*it was still raining abit though*

After that we went back to our place, and ordered MCD breakfast !
Then after eating we wen't to sleep, untill 2:00 something PM
*happening ain't it*

So yeahhh, thats what happened basically today.
I'm gonna go for my driving thing today, so i'll update it again later tonight !
Sorry guys no pics, really sorry ):
Well im off now, ttyl blog (:


Okay back again, tis an update !!
Im going to take my freaking drivers exam !!
*freaking finnaly*

It's on the 30th of June.
*yes this month*

Anyway wish the best for me !
Again i got no pictures .. meh
And again, nothing much happening
Except my parents going Genting again.
Apparently parents love Genting
What's with the casino..
Im never going there EVER !

Okay then, ttyl blog <3>

Monday, June 9

I cut my hair !! D: and random moments ):

Yes folks, i finnaly did it . I cut my hair !!
Anyway, i won't post up any pics about my hair for now. I'm gonna let it be a mystery to you people :D
Yes im mean, so what . BITE ME !!


Anywayyyy im so dead tired, had no mood to go to class today so i skipped it.
Yes people i skipped class again. I just didn't wanna go, SO WHAT !!!
Right now im sooo addicted to j-rock/j-pop/j-whatever music.
It's as awesome as tic-tacs + teh o ais tambah johnny walker !
*note ; do not try and mix it, its just a saying. if you happen to die, i wont be responsible for your death so don't come and haunt me .___. *

Adrienne came back from camp today, though she ain't replying me on msn >___>
ah well, she must be tired.
I officially SUCK at Dota !!
*note ; Dota is short form for Defence Of The Ancients , for more info go to (Thanks wiki) *
Oh and the note is for all you people who doesn't know what dota is. Please step out of the cave and embrace the new era plskthxbai

I want my iTouch... I WANT IT !!!
Dad said he's gonna try and get it for me when he gets back from his next trip.
He's departing in like, next week .. and i don't know for how many months.
*note ; don't ask me what my dad works as, im lazy to explain. I'll just say he finds the oil in the ocean and orders people around to dig it *

Oh and Wai Wen emo today :D Thanks to Patrick >____>
Next time people hungry PLEASE JUST GO AND EAT !!
I don't care if its like 5 more minutes or what, people are dying ):

I don't wanna skip class anymoreee !! Someone pleaseee helppp meee ):
I don't wanna get barred ! Meh ):
I'm going to start going to class tomorrow, i don't care already !
I won't skip anymore. Even if my life depends on it !

Yesshhhh no pics today though, didn't take any. Well i guess thats all i have to blog for today :D
I'll ttyl oh blog of mine~


Another Sleepless Night

Looks like its another sleepless night for me, i seriously wonder when can i sleep properly again.
Kinda stressfull you know, getting little sleep.
Plus so many crappy things are going in my head, that i wished it just go away.

After this few months, it seems that its really really hard to just let go. Maybe i just can't.
But as life say, we have to move on. So lets move on shall we ;D

*wishes he has tic tacs now*

Anyway, if im not mistaken, tonight will be the 67th night im having the same thoughts again.
Someone just shoot me please

Anyway, i need to find something to do when i come online, its really boring ya know.
I know i have to update my blog, but if there ain't anything interesting happening,
why bother to update? Haha !

*laughs at own joke*

Okay anyway this are a few of my photoshopped* pictures(*i think thats how its spelled)
Anyway be in awe of my creations !!
*laughs maniacaly alone*

*note : Btw it says CURE not CUTE

*note : combo work of me and my friend

*note : an effort by me :D

*note : Final work of first attempt to photoshop

Please note that all above are my first try to photoshop, i still don't know that much.
Im still trying to learn !!
*I don't even have a teacher*

Well i guess that's all i can post for now, maybe later once im back from college i might have
better news to tell :D
Well till then, ttyl :D

Sunday, June 8

Okay !

Okay, ill just stick to this layout, since im lazy to update. It's kinda nice though.
Btw, my msn is going nuts, i can't even sign in !! ARghh !! Woe is me !!
The kdu Prelims moved to the 30th of June, so yeah .. meh-ness.
I need something to blog about, but it seems i don't have any ideas. lol

I also need to get the keyboard asap, before the stock runs out~ haha
Anyway ill blog about tomorrow, since today i got no idea.
TTYL !!~

New Blog, New Beginnings?

New blog freaks, yes i know its new, so bear with me
i made the layout as good as possible,
so im gonna try and make a new one later ..

Well nothing to post up about , this blog might die or not , i don't know
but i just hope this time people do come and see = =