Sunday, February 22

A new Dream

I've been having the same weirdest dream every single night.

That ive been going around killing people.

Random people, and even people i know.

This all started in my first dream i had few weeks ago.

I came home into my bu4 house, which my parents sold it off long time ago.
Finding bloodstains all over the wall, floor and ceiling.
When i walked upstairs.
I found my parents, and my sister dead.
And i just woke up.

After that dream, ive been dreaming that i have been going around
Killing every single people that i pass.

This dream kinda tells me that in my life, i never trusted anyone before.
Even my parents.

Im not a psychologist who can tell what dream is what.
But i can roughly tell.

Right now, i'm going to change all this.
I'm going to start my new life today.

But last night, the dream i had. Was the most weirdest one.
I dreamed that i killed myself by over-killing people.

Meh it's hard to write it down.
Maybe if i roughly figure it out ill write it here.

Anyway. I am going to let everything in the past go.
And live life as it is.
Enough talk, im putting this into action.


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