Saturday, December 5

I'm back, or so i think i am.

I'm back. Blogging again i guess.

Sometimes i wonder, if i should just blog, or not.
I'm so god damn lazy ):

Anyway, there's nothing much that happened since i left.
Except the fact that, my hair is longer :D

I'm going to keep my blog layout. It's still awesome.
Fuck u all who say it sucks D:
I shall devour you with my awesome-ness.

Oh god I'm addicted to facebook games again.
Castle Age, Mafia Wars. ROFL.
Free much.

Gonna continue my studies in January, lets just hope i don't get
lazy anymore. ):

I just found out my friends awesome second name.
It's Rylana.
That name, is so perfect, and awesome in many ways.

Like seriously.

I'm going to name my future daughter that.
If it's a son, then Ryden :D


God it's 5:40am. Gotta try and get some rest -.-
Insomniac much?

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